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Cannes is mostly known for its annual filmfestival in May, its fantastic sand beaches and the lovely food and wine. The city started off as a small fishing village, but has developed into a sparkling city, where almost half of Cannes' population on 70.000 people work with tourism. The place has become a magnet for the rich and famous, but at the same time it has a lot to offer people with a ordinary wallet.



The nature offers everything that you can wish for. Right from beatiful, green landscapes to rough mountains and impressive rocks. It opens up for a wide range of interesting activites and of those can here be mentioned: Hikes, bicycle rides, mountain climbing, skiing, horseback riding, swimming, windsurfing, diving, rafting, sailing, and much, much more.



Cannes offers lovely experiences - at some times of the year you have the opportunity to go swimming in the ocean in the morning and skiing in the mountains in the afternoon (or the other way around). The winter sports area Greolieres-les-Neiges (1.800 m) lies just 60 km northeast of Monatauroux - and in about half an hour you can get to the areas Auron and Isola (1.800-2.600 m).



There are several impressive and good golf courses in the area.

For more info about golf in France: www.ffgolf.org


More info

Cannes official website www.cannes.com offers a lot of information regarding: shopping, restaurants, culture, festivals, golf, ski, weather and links to a range of interesting and practical information websites. Short film clips of the area and from the activities which take place in the city can be downloaded. You can also book online tickets to theatrical performances and cinema shows in Cannes.